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High Quality

Nearly 10 years of experience in the production of balancing weights do not lie: LongRun sees itself as a reliable and competent partner for wholesalers and garages for wheel and tire mounting products. In addition to adhesive weights, we place special emphasis on the qualitative demands of our clip on wheel weights for steel rims and aluminium rims.

The range of LongRun wheel weights includes our top-selling clip on weight from 5g to 60g , Many of our clip on wheel weights are powder-coated and thus well protected against external influences and corrosion. We are proud to be the leading manufacture for workshop supplies and to be successful worldwide. Our satisfied customers in the wholesale and intermediate trade as well as in car repair shop prove us right. Of course, we are not resting on this success: We work daily to improve our knock-on wheel weights, adhesive weights and tire valves, and to meet the high standards of our own performance.

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Lower Price

The profit of low value-added products such as wheel weight and tire valves is very limited, especially due to the impact of raw materials. When the cost of raw materials is insufficient, the profit will decrease. However, in order to allow customers to get more benefits, we have been working hard to pass Increase inventory, increase yield, reduce energy consumption, etc. to try to reduce production costs, profits are always limited, but we will always try to let customers get more discounts.

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OEM Design

Longrun automotive provide OEM service for wheel weights and auto lift rubber pads with 10 years experience.

OEM service , also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as foundry (production), basically means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use their own technologies to be responsible for designing and developing new products and controlling sales channels. The original equipment manufacturer's specific processing tasks are entrusted to other manufacturers of similar products through contract ordering. After that, the ordered products are bought out and directly affixed with their own brand trademarks.

This kind of cooperation method of entrusting others to produce is referred to as OEM. The manufacturer who undertakes the processing task is called OEM manufacturer, and the products it produces are called OEM products.

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One Step Service

Have you ever encountered such a situation, our whee balance weight is the heavy cargo, and only 24 tons can be placed in a container, but the container is not full, only less than half of the space is used, in fact, you can put some light Goods, such as lift rubber pads, tire repair patches, tire valves, etc., or you are a comprehensive wholesaler, you need a lot of related products, it would be a waste of time and energy to find different suppliers one by one, It also delay the delivery time, inconvenient packaging, asynchronous delivery, etc.

Longrun automotive can solve these problems for you. After more than 10 years of development, we have established stable business relationships with many factories and can get preferential prices, which is very beneficial to customers' diversified purchases. We also hope that through one step Purchasing can provide customers with better services to promote more stable and long-term development of our business

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Production Ability

The production capacity of automobile wheel balance weight refers to the number of products that can be produced or the amount of raw materials that can be processed under the given organizational and technical conditions of all the fixed assets that the enterprise participates in production during the planning period. Production capacity is a technical parameter that reflects the processing capacity of an enterprise, and it can also reflect the production scale of an enterprise. The reason why the customer cares about the production capacity is that he needs to know whether the production capacity of the enterprise can meet his needs at any time. When customer orders increase, he needs to consider the production capacity of suppliers to meet the increase in demand. For the production capacity of Longrun, the production capacity of the balance weight is 400 tons of sticky balance weight, 800 tons of hook type balance weight, 7,200,000 valve valves, and 60 tons of rubber pads per month.

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Strick Quality Test

In order to allow customers to receive satisfactory product quality, to make customers feel at ease about the quality of our products, and to improve customer repeat orders, LongRun Automotive has been very careful in quality control. We not only strictly control from the raw material side, such as steel strips, we strictly control the thickness tolerance to make it meet the standard. In wheel weights molding, we strictly control the wear of the mold to ensure that the marking is clear and identifiable; the quality of the tape is strictly controlled, and a factory report is required for each batch. Products, such as valves, films, lift pads, etc., strictly and carefully control the formula, 100% quality inspection, to ensure that each product is qualified

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